Hey look that's us! Jamie & Mark (JTP), Chelsea, and Jamie Orr!

It's true. We love weddings + we love photographers... and there's not a whole lot of education happening here in the Midwest. So we're bringing us to you! Our inboxes are full of messages asking us for advice, now we are giving loads of it to you in person!

Our workshop is for those quirky, down to earth wedding photographers who are seeking a little inspiration, need a little pick-me-up, and want a new way to look at serving their clients!

We're wedding junkies... 

about us

We're passionate about weddings + elopements, telling stories, capturing emotion, and above all else truly serving our clients. 

Each of us has our own style + approach, but the core of our beliefs revolves around treating others with love. We're always happy to help anytime we're approached - which is pretty often.  It didn't take long for us to decide that there is a real need for something fun, inclusive, and informative here in Iowa.

Thus, the RAW workshop was born!

Come sit with us!

about us

When it comes down to it, we want to serve more couples by first serving their photographers :) We've heard too many horror stories in this industry and want to help put an end to those bad vibes.

If we can help even one photographer better their images, or improve their client satisfaction, we'll consider this a success! Our workshop is going to break down a wedding day piece by piece, so you can feel COMPLETELY confident walking into various wedding day situations!

Our passion is compassion

about us

I'm Chelsea. I'm a documentary-styled photographer 5 years deep into weddings. I LOVE chasing naturally occurring moments with as little intervention as possible! I also live for making my couples feel like the most important people on earth, elevating my peers, and proving naysayers wrong. Pow.

Check me out in my internet space!
@Chelsea Dawn Weddings

Chelsea Dawn Weddings

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PC: Jenni Chung

Hey there! Iā€™m Jamie Orr of this three part trio, the tall one ;) 
I have two human boys, a husband, a dog, and a cat while currently building our dream home here in Cedar Falls! 

In my spare time ā€” ha kidding, who has spare time ā€” I run my photography business @Jamie Orr Photography and our event center @Sister Hill !! 

Fun fact: Sister Hill is our chosen venue for our workshop come this spring!

Jamie Orr Photography

about us

I'm the other Jamie in this workshop trio, the short one. 

My other half (Mark) is also apart of JTP and we love being involved + active with our clients.  Our goal is trying to combine beautiful humans with documentary photography.. and hitting so many cat puns in one session.

Find us in our space, too... @Jamie Tobin Photography

Jamie Tobin Photography

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Don't forget your camera!

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Room block available to stay at!

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The workshop is 3 days of classroom + hands on work! 

We will go over hot topics like...
-Client Experience
-Mock FULL Wedding Day 
-Shooting a styled elopement
-Family Photos
-Bridal Party
-Building a Community

The first ever RAW Workshop will be Friday - Sunday, April 24-26 of 2020




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If you're not local to Manchester, Iowa have no fear, we set up a room block at a near by hotel!

Where: Boulders Inn and Suites Manchester 
Block Name: RAW Workshop

The workshop will include lunch, coffee, and snacks! But if you have special dietary needs, please feel free to bring what you want for a snack! 

It will be three days worth of content + work to help you in your business! 

If you're local to the area and want to drive each day, that is totally fine too!

Team pics


Shoot + Edit


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We're doing a live shooting + editing portion at our workshop! Please make sure to bring your DSLR + Laptop (if available) to edit on! 

Before you leave on Sunday, we will sit down & go over images, and knock out your editing questions!  We're not going to teach you to be us, we're going to show you why you NEED to be you! 

We have a limited number of seats available - get yours NOW and let's do this!

Let's SIT together

Ready to feel CONFIDENT in your wedding photography?! 

let's sit together